Felicia Van Ham is a 25 year old Fashion Photographer from Antwerp, Belgium. Inspired by the beauty of nature and initially taking cool pictures of her friends, at age 15 she picked up her first camera.  It seemed more than natural for her to pursue her photography career at school. So she attended the KDG college in Antwerp, majoring in Photography.

One of her main goals in life is to travel and be able to work around the globe. Meeting new people and experiencing these different cultures is a true inspiration, and is what makes her work stand out. She uses these influences, and has had the opportunity to shoot in New York, Paris, Amsterdam and Curacao. Although she has no plan in the near future of leaving Antwerp, she has an international state of mind, and would love to focus on this more in the future.

Her work feels vibrant and dynamic. She loves to incorporate movement in her pictures, and wants to capture a sort of energy that the people will feel while looking at the images.  On top of that, she has a strong interest for the darker and more mysterious concepts, images that feel tough, strong and powerful. She loves that every shoot is such a collaboration with the team. She really tries to give everyone some sort of input, and finds that communicating with her team always results in good work afterwards.


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